I’m a hobbyist/professional system administrator residing in Keelung, Taiwan.

travnewmatic.com serves as a kind of portfolio of my sysadmin work.

While there is a fair amount of non-sysadmin related content on here (music, anime, etc.), this site mainly serves as a place for me to document maintenance I’ve done on my servers.

travnewmatic.com lives in a 2U Supermicro in Dallas.

keelung1.ddns.net lives in a Thinkpad X230 in my apartment in Keelung.

Technologies employed on my servers include:

If Linux interests you, I strongly urge you to invest the weekend or two it takes to complete the free Introduction to Linux course offered by edX.

I started learning Linux by formatting, installing, and putting out fires by Googling errors and pasting commands from forum posts.  I still do that, and I learned a ton, but the education that yielded was incomplete.  The Introduction to Linux course helped fill in the gaps and then some.  I cannot recommend this course enough.